In the Beginning

We are just getting up and running. Who are we? Fiona McGuigan and Sue Danielson, two visual artists who have created a staycation residency on the shores of the Duwamish River in Seattle. Why? Well, because we realized that there is a part of our city that we don’t really know?

The Duwamish River, known in Seattle simply as “The Duwamish” is located just past Pioneer Square in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Pioneer Square is a historic retail and residential area that is full of galleries and artist studios. Hundreds of people gather there each month for First Thursday Art Walk. Yet just beyond is The Duwamish, which many of those same people know nothing about. Well, we might be speaking out of turn here. Maybe they do, but we didn’t. We knew it as that industrial area that we looked at while crossing over the bridge to West Seattle.

So our education begins. Our staycation residency will take place this summer for eight days during the month August. We've invited nine other studio artists and one writer to join us on our journey of discovery. Along the way we will be taking a boat ride down the river, meeting with the Duwamish Tribe and the South Park art community. We will explore the public access points and make art. Stay tuned as we head down river.

Participants: Ethan BickelSue DanielsonLinda DavidsonJessica DodgeEmily Gherard Robert HardgraveDavid KaneSteve MacfarlaneFiona McGuigan, and Gene Gentry McMahon.